Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A bicycle song. About me.

I met the amazing Ashely at a Journalism conference for community college students. A truck load of students were twittering their fingers off, but her tweets were so insightful and funny I tracked her down just to see who she was. I added her to my twitter followings.

A short while later she tweeted she'd had her iPhone stolen. She was using a fund raising social media site to raise money to replace it. One service she offered in her fundraising efforts was to write a song. I sent money and asked her to write about me and bicycles. Then I forgot all about it.

Today my song arrived with a note:
I wrote two songs for you. One was inside of my now broken computer, but I borrowed a friend's and wrote an entirely different one. It's very short, and for that I apologize. But there is a kazoo in this one, if that helps. If I ever fix my computer, I'll send the other too.
Hope you enjoy, and sorry about the wait.

It was worth the wait. After all, it has kazoos!


  1. good luck with that bike man hope you lose all the weight

  2. edit: good job with that bike man hope you keep all the weight off

  3. There's a missing line about having a hot wife that rhymes with "riding for the rest of his life".

    Also the bit about bad advice is perhaps misplaced.

    The kazoo was inspired though.

    How much of a donation did this take?


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