Monday, December 13, 2010

Delta Ride, Jersey unveiling

To steal a line from LanceOldStrong...
Recipe for a great ride in the Delta:
5 friends, 50 mi, 300 ft of total climb, 2 ferry rides, 1 nice lunch, about 6 cars total. A great day.
Maybe we weren't supposed to ride everywhere we actually rode, but no guts no glory, so we went ahead.
Not that there was a lot of glory on this ride. It was pretty darn relaxed.
relaxed ride
We started at Brandon Island and somehow managed to sneak through the delta region on back roads up to Walnut Grove where we had a way-to0-large lunch. We crossed bridges, rode on levee roads, and never once saw the sun.
We took a detour to check out the Grand Island Mansion, which seemed like a great place to publicly unveil LannceOldStrong's and my own 1000 mile club five-double-century jerseys. We'd been waiting and they finally arrived. Now I need to drop a few pounds so I can wear it closer to home.
double jerseys
Eventually we made to Rio Vista, crossed Rio Vista Bridge and ended up back where we started.

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  1. I thought I was a wing nut swimming 10 miles a week but you are in a different league.

    Bring your tennis rack to the foothills and I can take a lession....

    Matthew Gass (former riding partner)


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