Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diablo and training for the Knoxville Double

Diablo Junction with Joyce

Tricia and I rode with Joyce on Saturday. Northgate to the Diablo Junction, down the South Gate and out through Reliez Station Road in Lafayette and Pleasant Hill. Here's a photo of Joyce because she hasn't shown up here lately, and the clouds were just grand.

I'd ridden the junction with LanceOldStrong the week before, and also done a series of five hill repeats up Somersville Rd to Black Diamond Mines on Thursday. I'm getting in my climbing, but I think I'm getting slower instead of stronger. Here's hoping I'm ready for Knoxville. My goal there: Finish alive. That's all, just finish.


  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Spectacular photo!! The clouds on Sunday were magnificent.

  2. That *IS* a spectacular photo.

    It's a Flickr link... is that why it shows up so big?

  3. DS: Beats me. How big does it show up? It looks OK on my computer.

  4. Orbea J7:23 PM

    Not only is the photo spectacular, but your subject looks focused and fast! Thanks again, Curtis. 'twas a wonderful surprise at LMC on Thursday. I'm proud to have some of your artwork at my house.



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