Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What does all this mean?

Help me interpret the signs. Today, the first Monday in March, I went for a ride. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't. I think that's a good sign.

But I got a flat, and then realized I'd left my pump on my other bike. That's got to be a bad sign, right? But I was really close to my bicycle commuting sweet wife's workplace, so I got her pump and fixed the flat. Good, right?

Then, as I rode, I saw rainbows. Big, sky-crossing bright rainbows. Bright, and glowing against the dark sky, they'd come and go, but mostly they stayed for a long while. That must be a good sign.

Then, coming home, I had another flat. With almost a boom my front tire was instantly lacking air. That can't be good. But I still had the pump, so I patched the tube and when home. Not that big a deal.

Normally I don't believe in signs, but holy smokes, if ever there was a message this must be one, but what is that message?

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  1. Hello Curtis,
    I am huge on signs and things that happen to people in their daily life so I thought I'd give you a little information about this Blog. I see you posted it earlier in the month, but it is still interesting stuff. Rainbows, in folklore, are sources of positive feelings and uplift the heart. It is a symbol of beauty and marvel.
    Even though you experienced the rainbow in the middle of two flat tires, I would take that as a good sign.


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