Monday, January 19, 2009

Fixed gear conversion

It used to a Gitane Tour de France from the early '70s. I got in '75 and used it as a road bike for years.

Over time it went through many changes. The fork wrecked, so I replaced it with a Columbus steel fork. And had it repainted too.

I got new wheels, pedals, headset, seatpost, saddle, stem, brakes and handlebars along the way.

But over the past years it just sat.

Now it has a new rear wheel -- A flip flop rear wheel. So I'm not sure what it is now.

The derailleur and freewheel are gone, as is the 52-tooth chainring. I'm a fixed gear hipster now. Kinda.

So far, after seven miles, I can report that riding fixed is weird. The riding is fine (the old steel bike feels great), but the the stopping is just odd. And I haven't been bucked off, I have been kicked a couple of times when I foolishly tried to coast.

I'm going to try commuting a bit on it and see if I learn to embrace it, as so many have. I'm may find that I'll fine my knees are too old, and I'm too set in my gear changing ways to adapt. Or maybe I'll just become super cool.

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