Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end mileage and goals 2008

7730 miles
For the record
Commuter bike starting odo: 3072, ending: 5818, total: 2746 commuter miles
Road bike starting odo: 3481, ending: 8457, total: 4666 roadie miles

I sometimes ride the commuter as a mountain bike, or on errands, so those miles are not strictly "going to work" miles.

I broke my Sigma computer part way through the year so I had to guess the odometer miles. I know I'm close, but I'm pretty sure I cheated myself out of a few.

Goals report:
  • Oregon Coast tour (Done)
  • Giro di Peninsula (Bonus, Done)
  • Sequoia Century (Done)
  • Waves to Wine (Done)
  • Tierrabella Century (Done)
  • Wildflower Century (Done)
  • Wine Country Century (Done)
  • Davis Double (Done!!!!!!)
  • Seattle to Portland (Done!)
  • Foxy's Fall Century (100K) (Done)
Tricia's mileage

Commuter bike: 1937 commuter miles
Road bike: 4114 roadie miles
Total: 6041

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