Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Foxy's Fall Century in Davis

It's so weird to get up so early and drive over an hour to ride a bike. But we do it.
We started just after dawn. I felt like ... well, like not so hot. My plan was to let Tricia and Joyce just go and I'd muddle through. I just felt slow and old. It turns out I was fighting the start of a cold.

But about 20 miles in Tricia's knees started bothering her. After much thinking she figured out that she'd had her bike worked on recently and perhaps the seat wasn't reset to the exact right height. At 40 we adjusted it, but it was too late. Her knees kept bugging her. She wasn't her usual metronome-solid self. At 61 we called it a day and sagged it back.

She's pretty mad at her knees.

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