Sunday, May 25, 2008

VeloGirls Bike Skills 101

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The Velogirls class I took Sunday 5.25.08 in Redwood city was really fun stuff. It offered very clear instruction with theory followed by practice and critique. I'm sure that most people who take this class, even if they have experience and skills already, will come away with at least one gem that will help them be even better.

I know I can corner better now. Not every time, but I know how it's supposed to feel now. I have things to work toward. It seems funny to say that. I rode over 7000 miles last year, and have road experience back to the mid 70s.

We also practiced a bit of bumping, something I'm still not comfortable with, and ran a few cones to learn how to steer less with the bars and more with the body.

I'm encouraging Tricia to take this class, and hope they run the climbing and descending class when we can take it.


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Hi found your blog searching for velogirls info. Do you think the class was a good value at $90? You're not a beginner but did you notice beginners making big improvements and learning new things? Were the cones a low speed handling exercise?

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Yes.I've taken the basic skills class and the climbing & descending class. There were beginners in each and judging from their comments they did indeed learn things that will help them be better riders. I don't think you see the BIG improvements right there though. I think you see people approaching things differently. I'll bet they really look different after it sinks in. My descending and cornering continue to improve as I work on what we practiced in teh workshops.


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