Friday, February 12, 2016

My new titanium commuter-gravel-fun bike is here!

Century Elite Titanium Disc
My new ride has arrived. I've got it set it enough to ride it, but it still awaits all the stuff to make a useful, less clean, commuter bike. Fenders, rack, bags, water bottles, lights; the tons of stuff that I need, but hate to burden this bike with.

I'd like to take off the labels and replace them with my own. I photoshoped it as I'd like it. We'll see...
Of course, any bike can look a bit silly once it's ready to go to work. It's like hauling a trailer behind a Porsche. I did it with my Roubaix, and though it worked, it seemed wrong.
Roubaix with Travoy. It's a Porsche with a trailer!
And a bonus photo just for fun.
Century Elite Titanium Disc


  1. Love it need more photos

  2. Your wish is my command. See the next post.


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