Sunday, August 23, 2015

Progress and petitions and Slow Pokes Ride

I've recently signed two bicycle-related petitions at I believe they're both important, and though I'm not sure how much affect they'll have I don't see a downside to signing. Have  a look and see if they support what you believe should happen.

Request a safety steps for cyclist and pedestrian along Delta de Anza trail. 
This one is close to my heart. It urges the East Bay Regional Parks police to put more energy into patrolling the Delta de Anza Trail, particularly near the area I was mugged. It's gained  a lot of signatures in the first 24 hours. Please considering adding your signature, and sharing the link on your social media.

Improve Safety for Cyclists and Drivers in Mount Diablo State Park by installing Solid Double Yellow lines on appropriate Blind Curves to reduce collisions between bicycles and/or motorists.
There are too many collisions and near collisions on Mt. Diablo, usually caused by automobiles passing on blind corners.  This petition urges the state park authority to stripe the lanes. Their Facebook page has numerous videos of autos passing on blind corners. Stripes and signs may not cure every instance, but I don't see a downside. Please consider signing it.

In much happier news, I am pleased beyond pleased to be able to report that I took my first spin on a bike since I was injured. It was slow, painful, and not very far, but it was a delight. I rode with Tricia and a group from NorCal in a "Slow Poke Ride" which was exactly what I needed. They were kind enough to ride even slower than slow so I could keep up. Thanks guys!

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