Friday, June 12, 2015

It might be art

I'm starting to get angry phone calls in the middle of the night, threatening me with all sorts of bad things if I don't post more content here. I'm hoping to live a little longer by repurposing these Instagram photos....

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Tricia at the Sand Creek underpass in Brentwood. Someone painted it, and now it looks totally cool and is less scary and more cheerful.

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If you haven't ridden the American River Bike Trail in Sacramento you're missing out. It isn't epic, but it is often very pretty.

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I'm in a Facebook group about "Look at pictures of my bike leaning on stuff" so I leaned on this poster in Sacramento.

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  1. I wasn't me calling with angry messages in the middle of the night...I leave angry "more content' messages during work hours. haha.


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