Friday, August 29, 2014

Washington Cascades, Day 11, Port Angeles

Dock Washington Cascades 2014_0184

Read all the posts about this trip in backwards order (or better yet, start at the bottom and work up) here.

The plan was to ride Hurricane Ridge in Washington, as an out-and-back but when we woke up it was raining and foggy. We might have done it if we had to in order to get to the next campground, but the idea of climbing 5000 feet in the rain and fog for a view we wouldn't get, then descend a steep mountain on wet roads just did not sound like fun. At all. We decided to explore Port Angles instead. It was a good call. We still got a few miles in, and had a relaxing day.

Teen Dance Washington Cascades 2014 iphone_0587Our first stop was, of course, for coffee... and  a sweet treat, and a New York Times. The coffee shop was conveniently next to a small bookstore, where we dropped a bit of cash. I was blown away by the sign on the bulletin board advertising a "Read for Rides" teen dance to raise money to buy books and bicycles for middle school kids.  Why don't we have cool stuff like that here? Yes, I am just a bit bitter. The bookstore also had an extensive selection of books about Bigfoot. I sent a photo of one of the books to our bigfoot-obsessed friend who commented "If this guy knows so much about hunting Bigfoot why doesn't he go get one?" Point taken, Kellie.
bigfoot Washington Cascades 2014 iphone_0589

We also stopped at the Bike Garage where it turned out the owner grew up right near where we live. Small world. Then we hit the pier and saw ships coming and going.

We also enjoyed a beautiful bike path through the woods.
Tricia Port Angeles trail Washington Cascades 2014_0210
And another bike path through a less than beautiful industrial area that ended at a military installation where we were not welcome. At all.
Bike trail port orchard Washington Cascades 2014_0208
We had fun playing with the rocks anyway.
Rocks Washington Cascades 2014_0190

Tricia rocks Washington Cascades 2014_0197
Tricia just got her first grand daughter (Thanks Ryan and Stephanie!) so has taken an interest in all things baby girlish. I busted her peering longingly through a baby store window. Not that they sell babies. They sell baby stuff.
Baby store Washington Cascades 2014 iphone_0593
All in all, more fun than riding in fog and rain.

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