Saturday, May 31, 2014

New returning cyclist joy

"It wasn't long after we moved to Tehachapi, that Kellie started hanging out with local Tehachapi toughs and joined her first gang." — Kellie's Dad, Gregory McCown

Kellie left her cycling life behind for a number of years, but now she's back. Tired of automobile problems, and moving to bike-friendly (at least a lot more than Antioch) Sacramento, she bought "Margarita," as she calls her new bike.

 I clearly remember the day my Dad took off my training wheels, and exactly how it felt. That wonderful sense of balance and freedom returns every time I get on my bike. It's been fun talking to a new/old rider who is rediscovering how nice it is just to be on a bicycle.  As we rode along the canal trail she just kept saying "This is so fun! This is just so fun!"

Of course, I've been cycling almost forever, sometimes it's easy to forget how many little things I've learned over the years — like how to take open quick release, how high the saddle should be, how to patch a tube, how to watch for the door zone and right-turning cars that too-often fail to stop. The list is endless, and trying to figure out what's important to share now and what would be a too-huge information dump is a challenge. Is it better to shut up, or mention a pump and tube might be good things to take on a ride away from cell phone coverage?

Kellie has a zillion questions though. I'm hoping to teach her how to fix a flat before she leaves town. She's also planning to take an Urban Cycling class. I think she'll be ready for anything.

Including endless hipster selfies with totally cool shades.

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