Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Amgen Tour of California Stage 3 Mt. Diablo 2014

Amgen Tour of California stage 3 diablo 2014 a

Curtis and Tricia Tour of CA (TC)_0264It was hot, it was uphill, it was hot (And it was also hot), and we carried a ton of  picnic goods and camera equipment just to make it harder. Still, it was totally worth riding up Mt. Diablo to just past the junction to see the ATOC cycling gods.

Tricia pointed out that we needed to make a day of it, and not just live for the quick passing of the peleton (and it was pretty quick indeed.) So we started up the mountain around 11, me on my heavy fenderized commuter bike with full panniers. Thank goodness for really low gears. I like riding uphill, but Tuesday I had to keep reminding myself to relax and take it easy. I did. I passed no one, but many passed me.

Gentlemen at Tour of CA (TC)_0298We ended up at Lookout Point, just past the junction, relaxing under a tree with some very cool Lithuanians transplants in nicely designed cycling jerseys. We chatted and watched the horizon for the helicopters that would signal the riders were approaching. Eventually we could see them arriving as small specks on a distant road.

Tricia, Tour of CA (TC)_0305

They came by so amazingly fast. Where we were, the leader, several seconds from the main group was the Mexican National Champion. After that is was a blur for me. But it was a wonderful blur.

Leader at this point Tour of Ca stage 3 diablo (b) 2014

Giant Amgen Tour of California stage 3 diablo 2014_0201

Tour of CA (by Tricia)

Later group Amgen Tour of California stage 3 diablo 2014_0187

Cannondale Amgen Tour of California stage 3 diablo 2014_0167

United Health Care Amgen Tour of California stage 3 diablo 2014_0141

Riding back down after the event I was noticing the large number of women cyclists who looked, and rode, like they were serious about it. At one point I couldn't help but admire the athletic shape (if you know what I mean, and I think you do) of a young woman who kicked past me near the bottom on a slight uphill. Then, as my gaze rose higher I realized "Oh, that's Tricia."

Life is good.

Curtis uphill Tour of CA (TC)_0280
That's me, not the racers, grunting my way up.

UPDATE: From the small world department, one of the cyclists from Lithuania, Vitas, found famed blogger Diablo Scott's cell phone on Diablo and returned it to him. Read about Diablo Scott's VIP experience at the summit of Diablo. And just because they are so wonderful, here's a photo of their jersey I like so much.

Jersey Tour of CA (TC)_0291

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