Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mines Road

rich and dan
What a beautiful day. Not hot, not cold, just right. Tricia and I joined Dan (Lanceoldstrong) and Rich for an out and back on Mines Road. The last time I rode it was during the Devil Mountain Double, after  100 miles and three huge climbs. I should have been a lot easier today, and it was, but not as much as I thought it might be.

 I have no photos of Tricia because she was up the road before the rest of us warmed up. You'll have to make do with Rich and Dan.

I learned two iPhone things today.
  1. It can get wet in a pocket and not shoot, even if you sprint ahead to the perfect spot to shoot your buddies.
  2. If you stop to take off your base layer because the day is getting warm, you'll need to take off your jersey first. Make sure the pockets are empty. iPhone screens are breakable.
That is all.

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