Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inflation, and I don't mean tire pressure

tricia near Brentwood
I noticed that I'm not posting as much to my blog, and I've asked myself why. Perhaps it's because there aren't any readers, or maybe it's the the BikeForums community has taken a hit from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, so I feel like my cycling circle has grown smaller. Or maybe it's inflation.

When I started any ride of 100 feet or more was blog worthy. Heck, maybe ground breaking. Now, maybe it takes something that's actually new. And there isn't a lot of new going on in my cycling world that's noteworthy. Blog inflation. It's a real problem. I guess. Or not.

Today Tricia and I had a perfectly nice 47 mile scamper around our Antioch loop and out to the recently reopened Los Vaqueros Dam road. Not much traffic, blue skies, delightful golden hills with Mt. Diablo in the background. But it's pretty much the same old ride. How many blog posts can there be about the same ride?

We did see a injured hawk. We reported it to the the ranger folks at the park. Birds of prey are rather frightening when they're close, so we didn't bother it. I sure hope it doesn't drop to the bottom part of the food pyramid. Here's hoping it gets rescued.


  1. I read. Perhaps your circle has grown larger?

    I get the posts via RSS into my feed reader.
    I started by following something you mentioned over at Diablo Scott's posts a while back.

    I'm always looking for new bloggers to add to my 'Bicycling' folder in FeedReader. I read about 200 posts every morning.

    Your actual readership may be down but the real drop is in commenting. I notice this on my blog as well. If people are intrigued by what they read these days, typically they click the FB or Twitter share buttons instead.

    Commenting and discussion happens off our sites more than it does on it.

    Scott busted me when I finally met him in person. I recognized his bike while we were both stopped on Northgate letting turkeys cross. I told him I've been reading his site for years. His response, "Why don't you comment?"


    1. Mike, thanks. And I guess I better get over to Diablo Scotts blog and post, huh?

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I read your blog!

    We need to get together one of these Sundays and ride.


  3. I hear ya! It doesn't seem like I get much feedback through comments or trackbacks or what have you. I used to write a post almost daily. Then about 3 times a week. Now, just every now and then. Sometimes I go on a tear and do three or four in a row (on different days or schedule them for different days) and then go dormant, again, becuase no one seems to be reading.

    It's a bitch.

    1. Actually I don't expect readers or comments. I'm amazed when I find someone has read my blog. Mostly my point was I need to do ever more interesting things for them to be be blog worthy. And I'm not sure I can.

  4. There probably is a limit somewhere to the number of bike related blogs you can write. But what if you open up your blog to any topic you want, and occasionally touch base with bike blogs? Then the possibilities are endless. :)

    Nevertheless, I read your blog, I just never know what to say because I'm not a cyclist. I can hardly even figure out how to shift gears on my bike, let alone figure out how to blissfully blurt barely brilliant or belabored bike blog blabs. :P


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