Monday, July 19, 2010

Memorial ride for Glenn Corlew

I lost my father, Glenn Corlew, on Saturday morning. I needed to get tired and turn off my head, and at the same time, remember him. I decided to ride up Mt. Diablo as a memorial. Several of my supportive friends joined me and my sweet wife for a wonderful ride. Thanks to you all.

Photo by Irene Hightower. I hope she doesn't mind.

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  1. Hello -
    I don't know you but read your blog from time to time. I offer my condolences for the loss of your father. For some reason, reading your post brought tears to my eyes, I guess because I have been thinking of my dad lately. Your dad looks like a sweet man, and he wore a cool hat, similar to the one my dad wore. I often have a little conversation with my dad when I am off on some quiet solo bike ride - kind of a Zen thing - but comforting. He loved Mt. Diablo when he visited.

    Once again, my sympathies to you and your family.



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