Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Davis Double, 2010 and a ride up Diablo

Things I failed to post: (I've been a bum and haven't kept this up.)

Diablo Summit:
Fun ride up Diablo with Tricia, LanceOldStrong and Steve.
I think it's because I had camera issues and hate to post without art. But Steve provided me with a Diablo photo. (Thanks!)

Davis Double 2010: Complete! Alas, no ride photos...
Here's a quick outline of Davis:

I started with LanceOldStrong George P and Dante at 4am. I managed to hang on their hammer-fest until stop one, where I didn't stop. I rolled and they caught me again, and again I couldn't hang on. I rolled the second stop, just for water. I didn't dismount the bike until mile 95.
My goal was to minimize stop time, and I did. I was stopped altogether less than an hour, allowing me to finish at 15 hours 7 minutes. I got in a hair after 7 in the daylight.
A few thoughts:
  • Riding with temps in the 70s instead on 100s makes for a nicer day indeed.
  • Cobb is still steep.
  • I'd forgotten the downhill just before Resurrection rest stop. What a blast.
  • I had a headwind rolling downhill on Cashe Creek and was going really slow until I got behind a big strong guy and then hit 20 and 22 for a lot of it. What a relief.
  • LanceOldStrong and I now qualify for the Triple Crown jersey.
I averaged only 14.1 moving speed. Weak. I was faster last year in the heat. Heck, I was 15.1 at Hemet, and 14.9 at Davis in the amazing heat of 08. So I was a slow rider this year.
I turned in my best overall time and speed: 15:07 hours. as opposed to 16:37 last year. That's a huge difference! My overall average speed, counting stops, went to 13.3 mph.
15:07 total hours, and a moving time of 14:15 means I wasn't moving only 52 minutes of the ride.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to approach this ride in the future. Go faster and rest more, or carry on with minimal stops.
I know, I should HTFU and do both. Like that's possible.

And, finely
  • Carbon bike: 3K plus
  • Davis Registration and two hotel nights: 300ish
  • Having my sweet wife greet me at the finish with a hug, kiss and great big, perfectly chilled bottle of Lagunitas IPA: Priceless.

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  1. Hey Curtis!

    Love your blog! I have a question regarding Mt. Diablo, I have been itching to try it this summer but am unsure if I can make it up to the top. I haven't tackled any major climbs. Probably the toughest effort climbing was east-west via Patterson Pass Rd. Its quick, easy, and steep at the end, however Mt. Diablo looks daunting in comparison. Whats the worst case scenario on Mt. Diablo? (1/2mi. @ 14%+???)


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