Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tour of California Sacramento finish 2010

Curtis and Lance

It was a tough race, but even wearing blue jeans I managed to nudge out Radio Shack's Armstrong in the end. Either that or Nissan had a booth with a green screen and a bike on a trainer where they'd photograph you and give you a print.

The "lifestyle festival" was fun, even though I can't say "lifestyle" without gagging just a bit. We drooled over 12 pound bikes and graffitti-decorated cruisers. Tricia got a Hincappie jersey and I bought super light tires at much less than half price at the Kenda booth. I really wanted the $300 Skinz bib shorts, but managed to talk myself out of spending that kind of money. We also picked up some carbon wheels (picked up, not bought) that seemed like a good deal at $2500.

Watching the Sacramento Grand Prix was amazing. It's really magic when the pelton blows past creating wind like a semi truck and sounds like a machine shop.
Tricia at Amgen Tour of California

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