Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Davis Double

I've read PrincessZippy's ride and training stories at tandemhearts.com. I've read the info at the Davis Double site and Bob's tips for surviving the ride. I'm thinking that I need a goal for 2008. I'd like to do something big before I get so old I can't (and that's getting closer all the time.)
The question is: Can I do it? Can I possibly get ready to ride 200 miles in one day? How much commitment would it take to train? Heck, how much pain would it take? Could I even finish before they drag the stragglers off the course? What is the true meaning of fear? I hear my Mom whispering "If Jimmy jumped off a roof would you jump off ?" How long can I think about it before i actually have to decide? Why am I asking all these questions and who do I think will answer them? I guess sometime before January 1 I'll need to make the call. Devote half of 08 to riding, or get a clue and figure out something a lot easier to aim for.
Take my poll on the right and help me out!


  1. Something's messed up with your poll stats - three different votes, each with 50% of the total!

  2. I think it's because you can pick multiple answers...So I think it means 50% of voters picked each answer. With only 2 voters (2 more than I inagined voting) that works out right. But it does look weird.

  3. I voted twice. :-)


  4. I'm considering doing the STP in a day. Though for me it may be just a bit insane as I don't get anywhere near the riding in that you do, but I downloaded a training schedule from Cascade and Cycle U and it seems possible. At 56 though, I'm wondering if I am being unrealistic in my goal setting.

    You on the other hand should go for it. If the opinion of a total stranger means a wit;-)

    Good cycling.

  5. MtnbkrDan11:19 PM

    Hey Curtis, I'd heard rumors that you were thinking of riding a double this year and that I should get in touch with you. I've been thinking the same insane thoughts.


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