Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cinderella Classic from the sidelines

Tricia rode the Cinderella Classic in her new very nice ride jersey, but no one could tell as she covered it with her rain jacket all day long. It was either raining or raining hard the entire ride. It poured enough that many riders didn't show, and a lot that did didn't finish. She's says she often found herself riding alone, wondering if she was off course.

I'd planned to do my own ride as she rode the women-only event, but, well, rain. My excuse is that I didn't have rain pants, I didn't want to devote my Sunday to bike cleaning, I wasn't going to get paid, and she's just tougher than I am. I spent the day doing pretty much nothing while she was out on the road.

We didn't know they had a podium set up for fun photos or I'd have shot her covered in grime with her bike before she cleaned up. Instead I got this.
Considering the weather she still looked pretty good when she rolled in at the finish. Maybe she's smiling because the ride is over. What's that on her glasses? That's just weakness leaving her body and pooling on her equipment.

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