Saturday, March 05, 2016

North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2016

Entry wrist band 
Handmade bicycles of wood, titanium, steel, carbon. At every turn something more amazing to behold. Parts and pieces, bikes built out of love and creativity, the unusual and the unlikely. That was the 2016 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento.

We made a weekend of it and spent hours drooling and dreaming as we wandered through the Sacramento Convention Center.

I took a small camera and an iPhone, but the building and crowds weren't conducive to fine photography, so I mostly just enjoyed being there.

Here are a few of our highlights form the show.
Tricia is still in love with Cielo from Chris King.
SRAM Red (I know, not handmade, but still ever so cool.) Their new wireless electronic shifting system looks amazing. If they ever make a rear derailleur that can handle a 32 tooth cog I'm going to buy it.
wooden bikes
Wooden bikes, both bamboo and composite, that are stunning.
English Bicycle
The beautiful bike from English with a delightfully integrated rack.
3D printed ti lugs
3-D printed titanium lugs
Cut lugs that looked like jewels.
$1400.00 custom shoes that weighed so little I couldn't feel them in my hands.
Pricy tools I want, along with the way way cool $550 Silca pump.
Campy front shifter
A classic Bianchi Paris Roubaix bike with early Campy shifters. Yes, that's the shifter, right next to the chain ring.
magic carbon
Yes, that's a real bike frame, it's carbon, see through, and they swear it's aero and strong. We all wondered how hard it would be to keep clean.
I have no reason for not owning this Velo Orange beer rack
I didn't buy a bike, but I did buy two books of classic bike racing photos from the Horton Collection.
stickers NAHBS
And also managed to pick up a huge collection of stickers.

The event was amazing. I didn't even try to photograph 95% of it. I can only hope it comes to Sacramento again some day.

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