Monday, December 28, 2015

Cyclist death trap?

Is this for real, or permanent? The entrance to eBART in Antioch at Hillcrest (by highway 4) has the bike lane that goes straight splitting the dual right turn lanes. This is how you'd ride a bike to get to the new eBART station. It's the only way. Crazy. Any cyclist going straight, because they wouldn't be getting on the freeway, would be smacked by the cars that must turn to get on the freeway. Who thinks this is a good idea?


  1. The title of this was apt.

  2. Here's hoping it is a work in progress,and we can hope for:
    Contrasting and/or textured paving crosswalks;
    • In-ground, blinking crosswalk lights; and,
    • Pedestrian refuges and bulb-outs.
    All Good Goals Laid Out Here on pages 74,75,& 76
    (3-33 through 3-34)

    Antioch BART Board Director: Joel Keller - Contact Info


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