Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sneakin' Kellie through the Alley

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Tricia and I took our friend and relatively new cyclist Kellie out for a ride across the Benicia Martinez Bridge, the Carquinez Bridge and along the Martinez Scenic Drive Trail. She's stayed with us to watch the Saturday edition of le Tour and brought her bike with it's flat tires. She rides in Sacramento and had recently posted on social media about her many-flats day. I helped her with her flats and discovered lots of thorns hiding in her tires. I'm hoping she's learned to check them. I know I got a lot of practice patching tubes and digging our pointy objects.

 Our ride, though windy at the start, was pretty much perfect. Maybe it's the bridges, or the social pace, or the fact that we don't ride this loop a lot, but it feels longer than really is. Still, I highly recommend the Two Bridges loop. Great scenery, fun bridges. Go do it.
A photo posted by curtis corlew (@cccorlew) on

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