Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Three —
a: Wise men b: Stooges c: Musketeers

The Three —  a: Wise men b: Stooges c: Musketeers. Photo by Steve
What with Tricia gone for the weekend I managed to hook up with Lnce Oldstrong and Steve "Monrezee" Monroe for a "Pig farm, Bears and Bacon" ride. No epic adventures, but I learned a few things.

California Bay Laurel nuts are edible.
Yep. We found a ton at the end of a climb we did just to explore. They were covering the ground at the end of a road just off Alhambra Valley Road. Oldstrong gave a short lecture on them (How does he know all this stuff?) I picked up a few and brought them home. I don't know if I'm brave enough to roast them and try making tea or just munching down. At least there are lots of directions on the web.

How to get a top 3 Strava KOM. 
Here's how: Ride with your two friends to a place no one else rides, but they ride a lot. Because you are only the third person to Strava there, you get a third place KOM just by showing up and being last. Show up. Ride. Profit.

The amazing importance of numbers.
Much like Tricia, these boys like numbers to mean something. So when we finished our ride at about 58 miles they insisted we ride loops around the neighborhood until we had a legitimate metric century. So we did.

My concentration level is so low that doing square laps is beyond me, so I tried to hit every little court to make a nice GPS track image, just to keep it interesting. Alas, I apparently missed one. OldStrong says I have to redo it all to get credit. I'm not sure if he means the whole ride, or just the neighborhood part.

I'm attempting to use Strava's embed feature to show the route, but I've noticed that lately it fails, and gives a broken icon. If you know anything about this annoying phenomena, please post in the comments and tell me what's going on.


  1. Midland9:56 AM

    Was a good time out, weather was a bit warmer than expected. Doubt I'm gonna try a Bay nut, but exploring the road they were on was cool. Always fun getting a few Top - 3's. Thanks for standing up on all the hills & crushing me on DeerHill. haha

  2. Midland5:31 PM

    I'm no Wise Man, mostly a stooge & glad to be part of the Musketeer's.


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