Sunday, October 13, 2013

Veteran's Victory Velo ride 2013

SouthGate Vetern's Victory Velo ride

Tricia said she loves a ride that starts with a motorcycle escort. I think she not only liked the traffic control they provided, but liked those big ol' burley guys on their  big 'ol burley motorcycles. I was pretty sure cars were going to be respectful with these guys riding shotgun.

Tricia Vetern's Victory Velo ride

We'd chosen this ride because it's in our backyard, and we like the cause. I know I have mixed feeling about the military, and the USA involvement in war, but I believe very strongly in taking care of the people who put their lives at risk for the rest of us. Plus, when was the last time you started a bike ride with the Star Spangled Banner?

DiabloScott Vetern's Victory Velo ridedalameda  Vetern's Victory Velo ride

MarcoPolo Vetern's Victory Velo ride

We ran into famed blogger Diablo Scott, Bike Forums members Marco Polo (on his beautiful custom steel Kirk,) Dalameda (sporting the Bike Forums 50+ jersey I designed) Jonathan B from Bike Forums and the most excellent uber-mechanic Ryan, running the Sports Basement support booth at the the top of Morgan Territory.

The ride itself was a beautiful climb up Diablo's South Gate, through Clayton, then up and over Morgan Territory. We bailed at the bottom, turned right and headed back to the start. I wan't in the mood for Livermore, and all the good climbs were over. We still ended up with 71 miles, and by getting back sooner were able to enjoy a delightful post-ride party, complete with food, a band, beer, wine and some interesting booths.

Blue Star Moms Vetern's Victory Velo rideA salute to the organizers, and the Blue Star Moms who staffed the rest stops. How often do you get home made treats on a ride? Any minor lack of bicycle savvy was more than made up for by the big smiles and enthusiasm of everyone involved in making this ride work. This whole event had a wonderful tone. I really enjoyed the family flavor of the after ride event, with kids playing on the lawn, and a good time being had by everyone.

Jersey Vetern's Victory Velo ride

This was their second year putting on the event. Tricia says she's looking forward to doing it next year.

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