Sunday, July 07, 2013

The "Stuff" of cycling

Cycling is about freedom, fun, being a kid, challenge, mobility and a zillion other cool things. It's also about stuff. Admit it. You like stuff. So do I. Unless bad things happen to my stuff.

Stuff 1

Bike "stuff" ripped tire
This is, or was, my new, or newish, tire. Alas, at the end of a hard set of intervals I was breathing too hard and hurting too much to notice the large chunk of glass in my path. The tire popped. I had a boot, but with a tear like this do I really want to be going down Diablo and have it fail? No, I do not. So, I threw my trie away. Money wasted. Oh well.

Stuff 2

Bike "stuff" prorace 4 tire white
White walls. Yep, I got white-wall tires to go with my white bike.  They're pretty nice, but I feel a touch of guilt for caring. Still: Stuff. There you are.

Stuff 3

Bike "stuff" pedal extender kneee saver
Due to, I think,  a broken leg at a young age, my right foot points out just a bit. That makes my knee want to swing out on the upstroke, and also make my heel want to strike the crank arm. Bummer for me. But fortunately for me, my friend Lance Oldstrong has a funky left knee from some youthful fun. He discovered a product called Knee-Savers that is in essence a pedal extender. He only needs the left side, and has been generous enough (Thanks, Dan!) to give me the right side parts. It sure has made my pedal stroke less ugly, my cranks less scuffed and my leg not hurt. Stuff, is there anything you can't do?

Stuff 4

Bike "stuff Tricia's new saddle
Not all cycling stuff is my stuff. Tricia has been hunting for the perfect saddle for a while now. After going through the stock models, she's tried a Terry Falcon, which she still uses on her trainer-bound bike. She tried a Selle Italia SLK and didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. So, after 16,000 miles she's giving a Specialized Oura a shot.

Stuff 5

in cycling

Sometimes stuff is just stuff you see on the road. In this case, we're still working through bad puns, but just don't have the head for it.  Feel free to post your own.

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