Saturday, June 08, 2013

Bike Forums Slow Poke ride

Biker Chick, Slow Poke ride two bridges
My favorite biker chick.
LanceOldStrong organized a classic Bike Forums Slow Poke ride. It was just what I needed after a bit of interval work. It seems I fail to recover overnight like I did when I was twenty.

So we rode slow.

The route over the Benicia and Carquinez Bridges kept us new the water ,where it was a lot cooler than the 106 we saw on the car readout when we got back to Antioch.  This may be the last ride we get down the Carquinez Scenic Drive for a bit as it will be closed for a year or more to fix up the road.

Here's a slide show of just a few images from the ride.

Dan keeps it under 65 Slow pokeride two bridges_0784

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