Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pigs, Bears, a lake and some Bacon

Pig Farm Hill with Dan and Tricia

Under the surprisingly dark sky and spitting clouds Tricia and I clawed out 53 miles and 4000 feet of climbing with Dan on Memorial Day.

Our first climb of the day was Pig Farm. I wonder how much longer Pig Farm Hill will be called Pig Farm Hill. The pigs disappeared in the 70s, and yet the name lives on. For years there was a "Pig Auction" sign, but now that's gone too.

We went on to the "Three Bears" even though I can never really tell why they're called that, or which is which. But the hard climb of the day was Altarinda Drive with its occasional twenty percent sections. Coming out of Orinda, it's just a grunt.

We slid around Lafayette and went back though Dan's secret Walnut Creek route that includes a climb on Bacon Court, which makes sense considering our first climb was Pig Farm.

I need more rides like this, and it was great to be piloted by, and ride with, Dan again. My new power meter confirms I have no actual power. I still need to do an  FTP test, but that won't be happening today.


  1. Midland10:02 AM

    "My new power meter confirms I have no actual power".HaHa, you and me both brother!

  2. Reading this was for some reason making me hungry.


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