Sunday, May 06, 2012

Diablo Summit ride

all four of us Diablo from Blackhawk_1251
 One week after the Devil Mountain Double my DMD partner announced that following his kid's track meet in Livermore he was riding 50 miles home, and summiting Diablo. I said "Too bad I can't go with you."

The next thing I knew he'd worked out a plan where Tricia and I would meet Steve in Concord, ride to Blackhawk, (halfway between Livermore and Concord) meet and ride Diablo. It was a perfect plan, and we arrived within seconds of each other.

 Steve on DiabloDan billed this as a slow post -double ride, so of course, he and Steve Cat 6 raced each other to the junction. As we started to the summit, Steve and I left a few seconds earlier, and without trying opened a gap as Dan talked with Tricia. We saw Dan decide to catch us, so we waited until he did, Dan had burned a big match doing so, and just as he got to us, we powered away in a perfectly mean, but well timed effort. I was laughing so hard I could hardly pedal. We'd quickly gotten several turns ahead. I didn't think I'd let up, but just before Juniper he came past. So, even doing all my cheatty sneaky stuff I couldn't stay away.

We all met at the summit, rolled down Diablo and ended up at a Thai dinner in Pleasant Hill. Life is good, though Tricia still wishes we could have stayed at the summit for "Super Moon Rise" when the moon appeared 10% larger and 30% brighter. But, as she points out, they don't allow descending Diablo in the dark.
 curtis and Tricia on diablo


  1. Midland10:42 PM

    Curtis that little sprint was the most I have ever giggled while accelarating uphill.We were laughing so hard I couldn't catch my breath. ha ha.Very fun little ride.


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