Monday, November 29, 2010

And I would ride 10,000 miles...

9999.9 miles
In the dark, in the cold, I managed to reach 10,000 miles on my commuter bike this morning. As it turned from 9999.9 I was hoping it would read 10,000, but alas it rolled over to zero. Almost all those miles are commute miles, though there are a few utility and fun miles tossed in too. I also sometimes commute on my fixed gear bike, and even on my road bike, so this doesn't represent my total commuting miles. But still, it's a milestone. And a lot of riding in 8.19 mile chunks.
Today was the coldest day in a long while, and I wore more clothes than usual. My feet still haven't really warmed up.
commute 10,000 miles

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