Sunday, November 15, 2009

California Triple Crown 2010

I've envied my friend Ron's California Triple Crown jersey (awarded by the folks over at for a long time now. I want one, but apparently you have to actually ride the three double centuries in one year to get one.

I'm thinking about going for it in 2010. I guess I think posting the possibility may be a first step in making it a reality. I'm pretty much a non-athlete, and my biological clock it ticking loudly. If I'm going to ever do this stuff I better do it soon, as in next year.

I've done the Davis Double the last two years, which I'm proud of. Over 130 DNFed this year, so I'm not at complete bottom of the pack. Just close. I think if I focus maybe I can pull this off.

Here's what I'm looking at:
Solvang Double in March
Davis Double in May

After that I'm not sure. I don't want to drive to LA for the weekend, though there are rides that look do-able there. And I freely admit I'm trying to pick rides I might be able to actually finish. That leaves out the Devil Mountain Double, as well as many others.

So I'm thinking number 3 should be
Eastern Sierra (though this year the weather was brutal) in June
Bass Lake Power House, in October.
UPDATE 10.10.09:
I'm adding the possibility of Knoxville to the list. It seems like a lot of climbing, but you do get 19 hours to complete it. I do like that it's close to home. If the weather isn't a problem it sounds possible!

The questions at hand:
1: Good idea?
2. Right ride picks?
3: Any one else thinking doubles next year?
4. Any one else thinking Triple Crown?
5. Thoughts, snarky comments or cheap shots?


  1. Eastern Sierra Double all at high altitude, hell of a climb three quarters of the way in, miles and miles of expansion joints, and that legendary "Planet Ultra" non support. (OK, it is probably the most beautiful Double.) Don't overlook the local Mt. Tam Double as an option.

  2. Go for it. I have wanted to do the Triple Crown for ten years. Do this and you will never regret. Here's to sweat in your eye.

    I am thinking of it this year. Planned on it last year and worked a lot of overtime instead.

    I check in occasionally for inspiration.

    Much good mojo to you and yours.

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Agreed that Planet Ultra is notorious for a spartan approach with support. I did the Mulholland in 08'. There were 40 mile hilly stretches hot 103 degree weather between stops. Very little choice on rest stops. Some points they couldn't even fill one water bottle, and I was near the front. Imagine what the back runners were like. The Quackcyclists do well, you would like Knoxville if you think 12,600' is doable. The scenery is good and the support is tops.

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I have riden the Eastern Sierra Double and the Knoxville Double. I would rate the Eastern Sierra Double as the more difficult of the two, primarily due to altitude and weather (wind). On the other hand, the Eastern Sierra Double is much more scenic than the Knoxville Double. I also agree that general ride support and rest stops are much better on the Knoxville Double.

    I have never done the Davis Double, but am told that it shares some geography with the Knoxville Double. If this is the case, possible boredom should be a consideration in your ride selection process.

    Happy Cycling!

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    This is the first time I have posted on a "blog". I am interested in stepping up to a "double". I live in Sacramento area, and am going to start training in ernest TODAY! Happy New Year, and good luck!!

  6. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I just finished my first Triple Crown year in 2009, as a 44-year-old slightly overweight female. If I can do it, anyone can! I rode the Davis (was that a hot day, or what?!) the LA Grand Tour (flat and fast with good support, but not especially scenic, and the traffic is awful) and the Bass Lake Powerhouse. I would definitely recommend the BLP for scenery, support, and weather. There's a nasty 6-mile climb in the middle there, at 9% grade, but it's doable. The food was good, though the first and second rest stops are the same stop, and there was very little to eat the second time around. Get a good light, as you will start and finish in the dark in October! Good luck!

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    The Knoxville and Davis Doubles do cover very similar terrain. I probably would not do both in the same year again. There is a chance that the Knoxville may be slightly cooler (this was the case in 2009), but it is somewhat of a crap shoot. Between the two I would probably choose the Knoxville for the scenery and support, if you don't mind the additional climbing.

  8. Anonymous6:32 AM

    knoxville harder than it sounds be careful. got my 1000 mile triple crown jersey in 09, will do stage race in 2010

  9. I did the Triple Crown a few years back and since have only done a couple of doubles. But I plan to do four or more this year and will probably start with the Devil Mountain Double in April, so you know where this 67 year old old man is coming from. The hill climb is the pill you must take to get the candy of those beautiful downhill races where gravity, age, nad body fat become assets instead of liabilities. OK, some of the downhills, like the front side of Mt. Hamilton suck just a bit but it's all good as long as you can keep both wheels rolling forward.

    If you want an easy 3rd option with good support and little climbing, I think the Grand Tour is a good choice and would not worry about the traffic; its a non-issue. Also, Knoxville is viable option because of the time of year and the differences, I doubt you'll find it boring or redundant even if you've done Davis earlier in the year.

    Good luck and safe riding. And do get a good light plus carry a small LED light as a back up and for use during twilight. Finding yourself in the dark with no light can be very disconcerting.

  10. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I would suggest the Mt. Tam. Even though it has climbing, it has favorable climate conditions in that you are most likely to be on the coast during the heat of any day. Last year the Knoxville was pretty miserable due to heat. Whereas I posted a respectable 14 hourish finish for Mt. Tam, the supposedly *easier* Knoxville took longer. Also, Mt. Tam is far prettier . . . like Devil Mountain without the Ocean (or Sierra Road)


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